Are you on the backpain merry go round?

Are you on the backpain merry go round?

So many people who suffer from back pain are on what we term, the maintenance merry go round. This is where they source treatment which gives them some level of relief from their symptom of back pain. Often however this relief will just be temporary, meaning that within days or weeks they are back for another round of treatment, and so on….

The key learning is if the treatment plan is only treating the symptoms and not getting to the root cause of the problem, then sustained improvement will likely elude you.

The most importantly step in getting off the maintenance merry go round is to know what is the why behind your back pain. A lot of the time, the cause of back pain or sciatic pain is not actually in the back. It can be due to a number of other conditions in the body such as; immobility in the ankle, inability to activate your gluts or even a weakness in your core. Back pain is now just a symptom of this other condition and until you treat it, your back pain will not stop. 

If you are able to live life 1 min pain free, then there is no reason why you cannot live a full day, a full week or even a full year - pain free. 

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