Avoiding the Christmas Bulge this year

Avoiding the Christmas Bulge this year
With Christmas approaching we often talk about it being the wrong time of year to lose weight.  It is impossible to start a diet or an exercise program over the Christmas season!
Why? I ask! This is an interesting mind set and one that is not only common in society all over the world, but one that literally leads to excuses for you to eat what you want, drink like a fish and be lazy. Harsh, yes, but true!
So let's look at food, have you ever been to a christmas function where there is not fruit, salad and veggies? Mmmm ... Yes the christmas pudding does look nicer than the strawberries and watermelon. But remember being healthy is not about avoiding; it is about moderation.
Here are my tips for beating Christmas bulge:
  1. Fill your plate with meat and salad or meat and veggies first - eat this plate first and fill yourself up on the healthier choices. Once you have eaten this then go back and have a  second plate of the goodies - chances are you will eat less of this stuff as you have already eaten and will not be as hungry. 
  2. Drink more water - when you are dehydrated you tend to be hungrier - as this is one way the body responds to dehydration, so fill up on water. Have 2-3 BIG glasses of water about half an hour before you eat. This will help hydrate you and reduce you eating through thirst. 
  3. Have a day off and enjoy it - there are 7 days a week, so having one day off in which you just enjoy whatever you want is not going to make a difference. If you do this 3-4 time a week then it will make a huge difference. So choose a day over the holidays and make it your mental health day to eat, and enjoy. And do not feel guilty about it. BUT remember, this is one day not a week! So the next week you need to get back on track. One tip for the day after a day off, expect to feel tired and feel fat, so drink plenty of water (3 litres plus) to flush out all the toxins you ate the day before. Secondly try to eat real and raw food, so go for the fruit and veggies, this will help support your system and get you back on track much faster. 
  4. GO for a Walk - people are very busy at this time of year with Christmas parties and drinks etc, But the reality is most people get to take some time off work too, so why not find 25-20mins three times per week to go for a walk. Make it a family thing - get the kids on their bikes or scooters and you and your partner walk. This should not be a causal chat, I would like to see effort so you are puffed. Yes puffed. Just do this three times a week and you will see a huge difference in just a couple of weeks. 
  5. Set realistic goals - yes I know you have heard this before, but lets be honest it is not likely that if you set a goal to lose 10kg over Christmas that you are likely to achieve this over the silly season. SO what can you achieve? Maintain where you are at? Drink more water each day? Walk three times per week? Just set small weekly simple goals. Achieving these goals will give you momentum as you move into the new year with more self belief and confidence that you can achieve you goals!!
From all the team at Lifestyle Essentials and our families we would like to wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year! We hope that next year brings you all your hopes and dreams. 
Thanks for your support Simon and the team!

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