Back pain caused by incorrect breathing

Back pain caused by incorrect breathing

Do you suffer from BACK PAIN?

While treating your back pain, has your Allied Health Professional ever assessed your breathing patterns?

The way you breathe is essential in preventing BACK PAIN and developing a strong core.

“Yes, it’s ok to look fat when I breathe!”

The most natural way to breathe is via your diaphragm. However, because of lifestyle factors such as tight clothing and our obsession with looking thin, we have subconsciously changed the way we breathe.

So how should we breathe? When you breathe in, your diaphragm pulls down and this pushes the contents of your stomach out. The size of your chest increases so your lungs can draw air in.

Correct order:           1.   Your Stomach Rises.
                                  2.  THEN your Chest Rises.

In many people, only their chest rises because they have been conditioned to hold their stomach in.

So how can this incorrect breathing pattern cause back pain?

When you don’t breath correctly, your deep abdominal muscle, the Transverse Abdominus, becomes weak and isn’t able to actively correct your posture. When this occurs, your spine isn’t supported properly and this leads to a weakness in the lower back and an increased risk of back injury.

One of the first steps in strengthening your core and preventing back pain is to learn to breathe correctly.

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