Bootcamps - are you fit enough?

Bootcamps - are you fit enough?

When you hear the term 'bootcamp', what does this mean to you? What picture first comes to mind? Is it the commando yelling and screaming at you to get down in the mud and crawl on your stomach? Or it is being in the dark, freezing cold park at 6am trying to get warm, with cold, wet feet. This does not sound too motivating to get you started, does it!

How would you like to participate in a bootcamp where the trainers motivate you, not yell at you? 

Empower you and build you up, rather than bark orders at you about how to work harder and do better?

Would you like to have the option to train indoors out of the cold wet weather, but then go outside in the warmer months to enjoy being outside?

Would you like to train with a personal trainer who understands your individual needs and is able to design and shape the group so that you get a workout at your level?

Our bootcamps in Mitcham are just like this - run by experienced trainers who:

  • shape and design the class for everyone; 
  • ensure everyone participates and is not left behind;
  • yet at the same time give the fitter people a challenging workout.

These bootcamps are run from either our specifically designed training centre or the park, depending on the weather.  This ensures you can train all year round, giving you the consistency that leads to achieving your goals. 

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