Change or die

Change or die

Harsh as it sounds this statement is true for some many people. Whether you are referring to a child who does not look before crossing the road or a 49 year old over weight male with type 2 diabetes, the concept is the same. If you do not change what you are doing then I your behaviour may kill you. 

People hate change! Whether it be a change of jobs or changing a timetable, the majority of people are resistant to change. This is also true when we are changing our lifestyle habits. So let's focus on health behaviour change. In any behaviour change program you need to first admit there is a problem and that you, yes YOU, need to change. No one can do it for you. At some stage you need to do what it takes to change your behaviour, to change your focus in order to change your life. So let's get real with yourself.

Step one. Let’s be real, where are you at? How would you rate your current health and fitness levels? What is your hip to waist ratio? What you is your blood pressure? What is your blood glucose levels and how is your level of fitness?  What you rate yourself out of 100?

Where is your starting point? 

Now we have a starting point I would you to get a friend or family member who is honest with you and ask them to rate your health and fitness on a scale of 1-100 and see how you compare. Perhaps their score will be lower and have less emotion attached to it? Then maybe take the half way score between your score and theirs. 

For any behaviour change to occur you need to be moving either away from pain or toward pleasure, otherwise it will just not happen. And let's be honest - pain is always a more powerful motivator. 

Step Two. List things in your life that cause you pain. Obviously this is in relation to your health. Looking at your overall health and the measures you have taken in getting real, what are the implications of NOT changing this?  You feel unfit, your clothes don't fit any more, you have a heart attack, you die, or you do not get to see your grand kids, or you miss your daughter’s wedding. At some level there will be something that motivated you to say "SHIT! If I do not change I will not be able to do.....” What is your ............ This is your reason. This becomes your WHY. WHY I need to change and it is non-negotiable. I have to do it!

I challenge you to walk yourself through step one and step two and declare your WHY I MUST! 

Once you have done this then, and only then, are you ready to set a goal! Time to get serious.