Do you get pain in your abdomen

Do you get pain in your abdomen

Most people with lower back pain can’t correctly activate their abdominal muscles. This often means you end up carrying more tension and stress in your spinal muscles instead of in your abdominals. Continual incorrect neural activation of the abdominals will lead to lower back pain and muscular dysfunction.

Don’t do crunches!

Abdominal crunches, even on a fit-ball, won’t help you learn to activate the deep abdominals that protect your back. In fact, doing sit-ups and crunches can increase the dysfunction in associated muscles which often leads to an even weaker abdominal core.

Use your TVA

The Transverse Abdominus (TVA) is the deepest abdominal muscle. This muscle wraps around your body and is like having a built-in weight belt. When you activate your Transverse Abdominus, it activates the spinal muscles that transfer stress out of the spine and the back muscles into the abdominal region, thereby reducing the stress and pressure in your back. 

Learn how to activate your transverse abdominus by watching this video clip.