How Squats Help You to Lose Weight ?

How Squats Help You to Lose Weight ?

Squats are one of the most important exercise to help you lose weight. Nearly  every single personal training we do at Lifestyle includes a squat…why?

Firstly squats work the largest muscles in the body, by doing squats you will work the most muscles, which in turns burns the most fat. Whether you what to lost weight, drop a dress size or get back into that bikini body - you need to do squats.

Secondly, squats are an essential part of everyone's life. You need to be able to squat to be able to sit down and get up off the floor.

Finally,  learning how to squat correctly (by using your glutes correctly) gives you a great shaped butt and prevents back pain and can help get rid of knee pain.

When you do a squat the key is to make it as functional as possible, in that you relate it to everyday life. The best way to do a squat is just like you are sitting down on a chair and then standing up, this is so you can relate it to the movement as we all know how to sit down. It is the personal trainers job to supervise you in the correct way to squat.

When done correctly this exercise will help you lose weigh, get a great looking butt, prevent back pain and eliminate knee pain for good.

If you are looking for great results in a time effective program, run by professionally educated trainers then give lifestyle essentials a call. Book your session today!