Is sitting down all day causing your back pain

Is sitting down all day causing your back pain

Sitting down for a living can cause your back pain. In face in clinical studies 4 out of 5 people who sit down for a living have dysfunctional butt muscles, increasing their risk of back pain.

Back pain can have many different etiology. Whether it be a disc problem, a postural imbalance or sciatic pain if you would like to reduce or stop your back pain then you need to ensure your butt muscles are working correctly. 

Your back muscles work as a functional unit, partnering with the butt and hamstring muscles to work correctly. When this functional unit works in the right way it distributes the load in the back throughout the body. Rather then overloading the back.

Chances are if you sit down for a living your butt muscles are not working correctly to support your back. Over time this can increase the load on your lower back, leading to pain. Unfortunately unless you address this dysfunction you will not stop your back pain. 

To correct this imbalance you need specific butt activation exercises. Squats and lunges alone will not work. 

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