Learn more about how Osteopath treatments can reduce and eliminate your headaches

Learn more about how Osteopath treatments can reduce and eliminate your headaches

Headaches (Cervicogenic)

Osteopath treatments can help you reduce and eliminate headaches and migraines. A common type of headache comes from a tight neck there is termed a Cervicogenic headache.

Cervicogenic headaches are a secondary response to pain or mild dysfunction in the neck. You’ll often feel the pain at the base of the head first, which over time will lead to a headache. You may also feel neck stiffness or tightness, and potentially pain around the eyes or sensitivity to light.

Cervicogenic headaches are generally caused by dysfunction to the neck, specifically C2-C3. This is near the very top of your spine, just below the base of your head. You may not be able to feel the neck pain until you are experiencing the headache. Most people who develop cervicogenic headaches work at a desk, but it can include anyone who is putting their neck in an ‘uncomfortable’ position for a long period of time. This can include but is not limited to; beauty technicians and hair dressers, manual labourers (painters, electricians, carpenters etc.) and even classes such as barre or pottery.

An osteopath can help with cervicogenic headaches as they can help reduce the pain and also assist with management plans to prevent the pain from coming back.

Generally a osteopath treatment will consist of:

  • Soft tissue through the neck, shoulders and back
  • Neck manipulation to increase range of motion through the joints
  • Stretching the neck muscles to decrease the tightness of them
  • Back mobilisation, this is because osteopaths will look at the whole body!

So we treat a lot of things even if you think you only need treatment in one area.

Sometimes an osteopath will look at your jaw and mouth as well

For follow up, an osteopath will generally give you some exercises to do at home. Depending on what the cause of the pain is, the exercises may differ slightly.

Some good stretches to do at home or while at work are:

  • Sidebending stretch (trap stretch)
  • Suboccipital release with spiky ball
  • Neck and thoracic mobility especially if at work
  • Postural assessment

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