Sexy Abs, Weak Back: How can that be?

Sexy Abs, Weak Back: How can that be?

Just because you have a six pack and sexy lean abdominals, it doesn’t mean you have a strong BACK. 

You have 4 levels of abdominals, the deepest layer is called the Transverse Abdominus. This muscle is responsible for supporting your back and helping to activate the deep back muscles that support your spine.

The next two layers of your stomach are the two muscles that wrap around the side of your stomach. These muscles help you rotate and turn. The most superficial muscle is called the Rectus Abdominus. (your six pack muscle) This is the muscle that helps you look sexy on the beach. 

When strengthening your abdominals, it’s essential to understand that all of these muscles need to work together. In a lot of people, their TVA muscle doesn’t work with these other muscles when doing abdominal exercises. No matter how hard you train these muscles, if they don’t work together, they won’t support or strengthen your back.

All abdominal exercises can cause back injuries if the muscles don’t work correctly as a team. If you would like to look sexy on the beach this summer, hit the cardio so you remove the fat from your stomach. If you would like to have a strong set of abs and develop a strong back, you first need to learn to activate your TVA and then integrate it into your other abdominal exercises. 

I have met plenty of people who have a six pack and a bad back. So make sure that you have a strong back first and sexy abs second!