Stop Living With Back Pain

Stop Living With Back Pain

As a rehab. specialist, I see people, in everyday life, who feel that living with back pain is normal. They believe, it’s something you just put up with and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. If this is you, let me break this thought process.

You’re telling yourself a blatant lie. If you can go pain free for 1 minute, you can go pain free for one day, one month or one year. I know this sounds too simple but it’s true. 

If you have back pain, there’s a good chance you have a “negative feedback loop” enhancing your pain. This is when the body tells the brain not to move. You move because you have to and it hurts to do it so the brain makes it harder to move, thereby increasing sensitivity to movement and pain. You need to break this cycle. 

Anti-inflammatory tablets may help in the short term but until you strengthen your core and loosen off these muscles, the cycle will continue. If you want to break this cycle go to our website and register for our seminar "Learn How to Stop Back Pain" being held in September 2015.

Don’t accept a life with pain. In just 5 simple steps, you can be free from BACK PAIN. Start NOW!!!!!!