Strength training helps recovery from back surgery

Strength training helps recovery from back surgery

Major back surgery is becoming more and more common. Although the techniques and surgical methods have improved there is still a mixed outcome of results. One thing which is guaranteed:  if you don't do the right rehabilition program after surgery you can end up worse off than you were before the surgery.

If you are contemplating back surgery you must be at the end of your tether. So make sure you have explored all your options. I have personally seen people who are booked for surgery have their procedure put off because of the results we have achieved in our clinic. 

So what should you do 

  1. Ask the surgeon if there are other people with a similar condition to yours who have avoided surgery? And can you talk to them?
  2. Seek a second opinion, your health professional does not have all the answers so research what other professionals have to say.
  3. Stay away from Dr Google.
  4. Download and read our article the five steps to preventing back pain
  5. Try everything else first!!

​Once you have had surgery you can not reverse the effects. So make sure you are 110% convinced that there is nothing else to do. If you decide to go forward ask to speak to some patients and see where they're at and how they are feeling now. 

If you go ahead with the procedure make sure you engage in your rehabilitation program. You need to strength the muscles that support the spine, if you don't you will not overcome the pain. It will come back with a vengeance. 

Finally having a strong healthy back is a life long commitment! You need to continue with a strength program to ensure that the muscles will support the spine and prevent further issues with your back. 

To learn the five steps to prevent the back pain grab a copy of our article at