WHAT IS YOUR Health and Fitness GOAL FOR 2017?

WHAT IS YOUR Health and Fitness GOAL FOR 2017?

What is your goal for 2017?  With another New Year’s behind us it is time to
get back into the swing of life. So, let’s be honest this year, no BS…. Are
you happy with your health and fitness? Or would you like to lose weight by
dropping a few kilos or losing a few centimeters? Whether you are looking to
drop a dress size or run a marathon the fact is it takes action to achieve
your goal. So, what action are you taking?

When looking at setting goals we use an acronym W.A.S.P.I.E.R

WHY: what is the "why" behind wanting to achieve this goal? Why are you
doing it? What inspires you?

ACCOUNTABLE: who are you "accountable" to? Any type of goal is hard to
achieve without support and accountability – so who are you accountable

SMART: you need to be "smart" with your goal.  It needs to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timed: otherwise it is just not a goal!

PRESENT TENSE: talk, think and act in the "present tense" - as if you have already achieved your goal. Share a self-fulfilling prophecy of belief so that you DO achieve
your goal.

INSPIRATION: Does the thought of achieving this goal "inspire" you? If not
find a better goal. If your goal does not inspire you to act, then you need
a better goal and a stronger WHY.

EFFECT: What "effect" will achieving this goal have on your life? How will
it change your life? How will not achieving this goal effect your life?

RECORD: Keep a "record" of your activity and your progress. This way you
can see how you're improving, then make the corrections and adjustments
required to ensure you keep moving forward.

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