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At Lifestyle Essentials our team are more than just personal trainers, we are qualified educators as well. We can help you to understand your body and educate you to what your body needs- from nutrition to movement to answering your questions as to why you aren’t reaching your goals regarding health, weight loss or reducing your specific pain. We know and understand that education is the key to being able to action what your body needs. It could be to help your body back to ultimate fitness after an injury, or specific condition or to find the right balance to specifically suit your body. We have the tools and the knowledge to educate and guide you as we stay with you every step of the way to achieve your success.

We will teach you what is considered to be a healthy meal and why it is considered healthy. We will educate you, so you can begin to change your mind set towards food and movement and what your body requires. Our education program provides insights that you require to find a balance between enjoying good food and how physically active you need to become to begin to find your healthy balance.

Understanding that even incidental movement will benefit your body and how it feels- taking the stairs rather than the elevator, parking farther away and having to walk a little extra to your destination are just some ideas as to how to get moving.

A major hidden trap that we will educate you towards are hidden fats and sugars in our everyday food and how supermarkets target you to purchase foods that have no nutritional benefit at all.

We will also help you to understand how your daily life is impacting your body and why you may be feeling lethargic, aches and pains or even a chronic pain. You may be feeling a pain that is not injury based which we can investigate and understand why you are feeling sore, stiff and pained. All through a research-based education program.

Education is key to understanding and reigniting enthusiasm to become the healthiest and fittest person you can be.

Follow our educational space with up to date information, latest research plus insights from our experts and how they live their healthy lifestyles.

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