Group Personal Training in Mitcham

Do you have a Group of friends who would like to lose weight, tone up and improve their overall health and fitness?

Group Personal Training in Mitcham

Lifestyle Essentials offers you the opportunity to train in your own private group. if you have a group of 3-6 friends who would like to train together once or twice a week we are happy to create a Private Personal Training Group just for you!  

Training in a small group is a great way to make your training affordable while still getting the results you want. 

Like all of our Personal training packages if you set up a private group you also receive access to our group fitness classes. This means that you can train in you own private group once or twice a week, as well as participate in our group time table, ensuring that you achieve the results you need.

Call us on 9873 2568 to arrange a personal training group, or drop into our Mitcham fitness studio and speak to one of our friendly trainers. 

2020 Timetable for Group Classes

This timetable will be in effect from Monday 29th of June and follows the COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines.

  • Only 7 people per group
  • Bookings are essential
6:00am Express Circuit (Online)   Express Circuit (Online)   Express Circuit (Online)  
9:00am           Strength Training Studio 50 mins
9:30am       Older Adults    
10:00am           Flow Yoga
10:30am   Older Adults        
1:30pm   Re-energise, Stretch & Mobilise   Re-energise, Stretch & Mobilise    
5:35pm         Boxing 4 Fitness 50 mins  
6:05pm Strength Training Studio 50 mins Boxing 4 Fitness 50 mins Cross Training Studio 50 mins HIIT Session 50 mins    
7:05pm   Abs, Stretch and Mobilise   Abs, Stretch and Mobilise    


All groups are 50mins in duration unless otherwise outlined

About Our Classes

We also offer group training classes that run at set times throughout the week for your convenience.

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