Our four pillars of success


At Lifestyle Essentials we firmly believe and educate on the premise that our bodies were designed to move and not be as sedentary as our lives are dictated to in our current society.

Research has shown that the lack of movement each individuals body receives in our current lifestyle isn’t nearly enough to reach minimal health. As part of our four pillars of success, understanding movement is an essential part of how we create the healthiest version of ourselves. Each member of the Lifestyle Essentials family discovers what movement they need to aim for each day to ensure optimal movement plus mind and body health.

As part of your personalised program we will work with you to gradually build your mobility and grow your confidence to extend and create new habits to help your body feel positive, supple and invigorated. We want you to feel the best you could possibly feel inside and out!

If you have never stepped foot into a gym or haven’t ventured through those doors in years- today is the day that you should. Our gym is non-threatening, warm and friendly. It doesn’t matter what body type you are or what your fitness level is- we believe you just need to start and through your journey you will begin to love the feeling of getting your body moving, your heart rate up and getting a sweat up!

Our Lifestyle Essentials personal trainers take great care to ensure you are comfortable in the gym and you enjoy the program that is personally designed for you. As we are not just personal trainers, we are educators and body scientists that understand the mechanics of your body and how far you can be challenged each week.

Moving your body has so many benefits- from becoming more agile and being able to move more freely, to helping with your mental health, improve circulation and your overall vitality. Even your skin will begin to look refreshed and glowing thanks to regular movement. The best thing about Lifestyle Essentials is the social aspect of becoming active with us is an amazing added bonus!