Mums and bubs fitness classes in Mitcham

Mums and bubs fitness classes in Mitcham

The MUMS and BUBS fitness class at Lifestyle Essentials is a post natal exercise program designed for fun and enjoyment. Best of all you can bring your baby!

At times during a pregnancy staying fit and healthy can be hard and almost a chore. By the time we have our bubs we are on the go so much we forget sometimes who we are or even were.

About Mums & Bubs fitness classes

This is a postnatal fitness program that meets you where you are at in your recovery/post baby stage. Our highly developed trainers (AKA Mums) will be able to show you and teach you techniques that will further improve your total physical and mental alertness.

It is generally recommended that you can start gentle exercises between 6-8 weeks after having your baby (depending on your doctor’s recommendation).

When & where

Mums & Bubs classes are held at our Mitcham fitness studio, in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. Check the group fitness timetable for mums & bubs class times.

Not a Lifestyle Essentials member? Come in to our Mitcham fitness studid chat to a friendly staff member, or call us on 9873 2568.

Due to COVID-19 all group classes are currently run online

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