Our four pillars to success


The one simple rule within our community that we encourage - if it isn’t raw don’t eat it!

We can keep it as simple or make it as complicated as you need. Our personalised four pillars to success program will target what you need and how YOU need help. We re-educate your mindset towards food and what fuels your body.

We provide each of our members with the opportunity to discover how to enrich their lives with the best choices of food for their bodies.

We analyse your body through genetic biotyping and provide an app for your phone that will highlight the foods that are optimal choices for you. Each individual requires different amounts of the nutrients that our bodies need to be healthy.

At Lifestyle Essentials we will talk about your current eating habits, what foods you love and foods that you are not fond of. We are then able to understand what your body is lacking and craving. As everyone knows the three o’clock slump is real. And we all reach for the biscuit tin- we will give you some fantastic tips and tricks as to how to avoid those times when you are feeling mentally and emotionally not strong enough to resist.

We can cater for all types of dietary requirements and compliment what you need aligning with your current food and health obstacles. For example, if you are vegetarian or vegan, if you have allergies or intolerances to certain foods we are able to find compromises to ensure you are still getting the maximum benefits each and every day.

If you are training for an elite competition, a marathon, triathlon or cross fit challenge we can create a nutrition plan to give your body what it needs as you prepare physically for your competition.

We are even willing to walk through the supermarket with you to show you the best way to shop for your delicious new recipes.

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Personalised Genetic Health Care Program - ph360

ph360 is a scientifically advanced, clinically proven program that allows us to develop a personalised health program with you, based on your genes.  NO MORE GUESSING – find out exactly what suits your biorhythms and metabolism for food, exercise, sleep and environment. 


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