Pre and Post Natal Health

Pre and Post Natal Health

Being pregnant and having a baby is one the most exciting times in a woman’s life- it is also the most strenuous on a woman’s body. To prepare you and help keep your body in a condition that will keep you strong during the birth and then looking after your precious bubs afterwards. We will ensure your fitness and well-being is at its most advantageous whilst you are preparing for your little one to come into the world.

It is recommended that if you haven’t been regularly exercising before you fall pregnant that you should not participate in a robust pregnancy program.

Please feel free to pop into our studio and have a chat about how we can keep you moving whilst pregnant.

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Meet Robert & Athena

Meet Robert & Athena

"Mum and bubs class was a great way for me to rebuild my strength and fitness postpartum, in a friendly, non-threatening environment.

It was super beneficial and easy to be able to train with bubs right there at the gym, from when she was a newborn to moving around the gym as a toddler.

Lifestyle Essentials has been so welcoming to bubs and I and helped me stay on track with my fitness journey."

Roberta Skliros

Pregnancy program:

We will tailor a program to suit how you are feeling through each trimester of your pregnancy as your needs will rapidly keep changing. We concentrate on keeping your whole body fit whilst focussing on your core and pelvic floor fitness.

Post-natal program:

After surrendering your body to being pregnant, giving birth even the first 12 months of having a baby, we will help you to regain your strength and health with our specially designed post-natal program, it includes:

  1. Weekly personal training program with your baby (in a pram)
  2. Our group training- mums and bubs
  3. Pelvic floor recovery program
  4. Core strengthening program
  5. Unlimited access to all of our group sessions

After you have welcomed your little bubs into the world, we have specific group classes where you can bring in your baby whilst you work out or you can take advantage of our post-natal program!

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