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Remedial Massage is a recognized manual manipulation therapy that is known to expedite the body’s own healing processes. This complementary therapy can work wonders in relieving pain, stress and mobility limitations due to various health conditions, making it popular with athletes, and those with muscle pain and other chronic conditions.

The Lifestyle Essentials Approach

Remedial massage is therefore not just another massage, but one with many therapeutic benefits. And this is why we take extra care to ensure that our clients get the most benefit out of their remedial massage sessions at our clinic.

A regular consultation with any of our Remedial Massage Therapists would start with a detailed discussion about you, your current health concerns and the treatment modalities being explored. Our therapists go the extra mile to arrive at a deeper understanding of why you might be experiencing pain, injury or movement related concerns, using top of the line clinical practices. This will be used to design a customized care plan that would not only complement your existing treatment but also comfortably fit into your current lifestyle.

The total number of sessions required, and the actual massage techniques used will depend on your condition. Our remedial massage therapist might use mild or strong pressure, coupled with passive muscle stretching and even deep tissue massage, if need be, to speed up the body’s own healing processes. These can help you to reduce scar tissue, normalise muscle tone and tension, restore joints to their ideal positions and improve overall blood circulation.

These sessions would also be used to locate the source of the pain, and focussed efforts to eliminate the root cause of the pain. This will ensure that you not only get symptomatic relief, but long-term relief.

What makes us a good choice for remedial massage?

Our team of therapists are led by Simon Fox, a leading health and fitness professional with over 16 years’ experience, and Kat Dean, who is currently studying Myotherapy at RMIT University. We have a proven track record and a stellar reputation for using our knowledge to provide long term relief from discomfort. The fact that we get a lot of clients via referrals, and even have some who visit our Remedial Massage Therapists from suburbs like Ringwood speaks volumes about our work.

If you would like to experience the many benefits of remedial massage, feel free to book an appointment at our clinic.