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Weight Loss at Lifestyle Essentials

Not being able to lose weight can affect your whole life. It can affect your self-esteem, relationships and motivation. We understand and want to help you get back to your true self through our proven weight loss programs near Blackburn and individual support – we’ll help you get there.

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At Lifestyle Essentials, we believe that every successful weight management journey is unique to the individual seeking to lose weight. And this is why we offer a host of weight loss programs at our Blackburn clinic, so that you can choose the program that resonates with you. Needless to say, all of our basic plans would be further tailored to your specific goals.

Most weight loss programs centre around a restricted calorie intake, and burning the ones consumed through different types of physical exercises. However, this is only one aspect of the equation, and doesn’t consider the quality of calories consumed, and their impact on how our body functions. In fact, it could even have an adverse impact and can reduce the body’s metabolism, resulting in weight gain.

Our Ketogenic Program

Our Ketogenic Weight Loss Program near Blackburn is one of a kind, in which you will receive a nutritionally sound weight loss plan that is specifically tailored to you and your lifestyle. You will receive all of the support, education and resources you need to be successful.

This is NOT a "set and forget" program where you're handed a plan and then left alone to struggle. You'll get a unique combination of training in nutrition and mindset, delivered in a supportive environment with a community of like-minded people - all on the same journey to a life of health and fitness.

The program is designed to create your unique weight loss blueprint and includes

  • educational information,
  • recipes,
  • shopping lists,
  • weekly meal plans
  • your expert weight loss counsellor
  • a super supportive community

Lifestyle Essentials weight loss coaches will guide and support you throughout the program. Giving you access to recipes, meal plans, snack ideas and a safe community of like minded people to provide you with the much-needed support throughout the program to succeed.

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Personalised Genetic Health Care Program

Have you experienced times when you are unable to achieve your weight loss goals, no matter what you do? One possible reason for this could be your nutritional choices and lifestyle do not work for your genetic makeup. How your body works is different to everybody else, your genes sharp who you are and how your body works. So, it makes sense to design your exercise, nutrition and lifestyle programs to suit your genes.

Imagine a genetically designed lifestyle program that helps you turn on your fit and health genes while turning off your fat genes, boosting your health and fitness

Genetics Essentials is the most scientifically advanced program in the world, with over 800 academic institutions helping to develop this state of the art pH360 program. This is not just a weight loss program but a lifestyle program that is specifically designed to your genetics.

Planning for weight loss in this manner requires a different approach, and our Personalised Genetic Health Care Program is designed to offer recommendations that are truly personalised to your genetic structure.

This is Ph360 allows us to develop a personalised health program with you, based on your genes.  NO MORE GUESSING – find out exactly what suits your biorhythms and metabolism for food, exercise, sleep and environment. 

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Meet our nutrition coaches

I have always had trouble losing weight, which as a Personal Trainer has always been puzzling for me.  Working harder and eating healthily just didn’t help. Joining the pH360 Program has changed that – finally, lifestyle changes based on time of day, activities and food that has me 10kg lighter, bursting with energy and completely convinced that linking lifestyle to your gene profile is the way to a healthy life.

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What is weight loss?

Most people have a rather simplistic idea that burning more calories than the ones consumed leads to weight loss. While that is principally right, a lot of diets fail as this idea is only focussed on calories instead of nutrition.

We want to help you redefine what weight loss means, from a holistic perspective. We go beyond standard diet charts, and help you understand how weight loss really works, and all the different ways you can influence it. The team will help you shape your nutrition so that your body burns fat, and keeps it away!

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Weight Loss Is Not About Diets

Weight loss isn’t just about being on a diet - here at Lifestyle Essentials we focus on four key pillars: Movement, Nutrition, Education and Support.

We focus on getting your nutrition right, by educating you on what that is and how you can implement it into your lifestyle for the long haul. We give you the support to ensure that you can achieve these goals long term and make lasting change for the better. In a nutshell, we focus on ensuring that we recommend a sustainable long term plan for you that will give you the results you want.

If you are on the lookout for a safe, comfortable and sustainable weight loss program near Blackburn, we invite you to come over and check out all that we have to offer.

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