Weight Loss Difficulties

Reaching your weight goal


Not being able to lose weight can affect your whole life. It can affect your self-esteem, relationships and motivation. We understand and want to help you get back to your true self through support - you will get there!

There are many reasons why you haven’t been able to lose weight up to this point. It could be due to an old injury that is preventing you from moving correctly. It could be your diet- we can investigate what type of diet suits your body- as we all need something a little different. We will even take you to the supermarket and show you how to shop for all of your delicious fresh food to make our recipes we have designed for you.

At Lifestyle Essentials we keep it simple - if it isn’t raw then don’t eat it! You could not get any simpler than that. Throughout your journey with us we will ensure you feel safe and happy when you walk in those doors to our gym. Our main concern is why you are feeling the way you are and how we can turn that around and recover your positive mindset that helps you to overcome your struggles and become more resilient and ready to take on the world. Losing weight takes commitment and time. We discuss what has and has not worked for you in the past.

Our specialised 12 week weight loss program includes the following:

  1. A personalised assessment with one of our expert team.
  • 45minute consultationBody composition analysis
  • Bio age assessment
  • Postural assessment
  • Holistic lifestyle assessment
  • Genetic biotyping so our team can fully understand your genetic biotype
  1. Education:
  • A group of mp4 videos program on what weight loss actually is, how the body burns fat
  • Nutritional education

  1. Designing your personalised program based on your genetic profile plus your current fitness and health levels
  2. Your personalised eating program with an emphasis on real food using your genetic profile as a guide
  3. Access to all of our online tools
  • Motivational videos
  • Meal plans
  • Recipe ideas
  1. Monthly coaching session to check and stay motivated
  2. Weekly personal training session (if you would like more we can add these to your program)
  3. Unlimited access to our group training sessions
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